Section 10: MassAccess – Accessible Housing Registry

Helping People with Disabilities Find Accessible Housing

MassAccess is a service that matches people with disabilities with vacant, accessible housing. If you are searching for accessible rental housing, you can visit their website at

MassAccess, also known as The Accessible Housing Registry, catalogs every accessible or adaptable unit in the state and maintains information about availability. Mass Access links people with disabilities with owners and managers of accessible housing. Mass Access is based at Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA).

People with disabilities can search this information to identify housing opportunities that suit their needs. A contact person and phone number is provided, and if you are interested in applying to a particular apartment, you should call them directly.

Mass Access maintains a database of accessible and affordable apartments. Using the latest computer technology, Mass Access distributes current vacancy information onto their website on a daily basis.

Mass Access catalogs the following information:

The website is designed for people who simply need a list of units that meet their housing search criteria. Many people searching for housing need additional information and assistance.

Please note:

Mass Access was designed to make the housing search process easier for people with disabilities. You, as a prospective tenant, are your own best advocate.

Mass Access cannot recommend specific units or developments. This information is intended to provide referral only.