Non-Voting Member

Non-voting Members must believe in the Independent Living/Consumer Control philosophy
Non-voting Members are family, community members, and fellow service providers who want to offer support to the center and the center’s mission.

As with all voting opportunities, it is each of our responsibility and right to vote in an organization or government that upholds democracy and voting. ILCNSCA encourages all to vote in our local, statewide and national elections as well as to be active in the ILCNSCA elections at our annual meeting each October.

If you need assistance to register to vote in statewide and national elections, ILCNSCA can assist you in completion of required registration to vote forms. If you would like to vote in our Annual Meeting election of ILCNSCA Board members, become a member.

You can be a member, voting or non-voting, of the ILCNSCA. You will receive our quarterly newsletter. You will receive special mailings regarding events/activities of interest to persons with disabilities and their supporters. You will receive announcements of special information sessions and political actions affecting the lives of persons with disabilities. You have access to our resource materials.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Duration: 1 year
Price: $10.00

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LGBT Friendly

Please be scent free.
Photos may be taken at all DRC activities and events.

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