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Yellow Pages

Dear Friends,

The Disability Resource Center is a disability rights service and advocacy center run by and for people with disabilities.  DRC supports people who have all types of disabilities to live independently and participate fully in community life. The Center pursues this mission through provision of information and referral, independent living skills, advocacy, and peer counseling services.

DRC offers a wide variety of services and programs including a monthly Housing Options Workshop, workshops on Housing Rights, and finding housing. We offer Options Counseling, Information and Referral, Peer Counseling and Transition to Adulthood and Pre-Employment Transition Services, as well as exciting social events like the Annual BBQ, Annual Meeting, Holiday Open House, Advocacy Alerts, and more!

The listings in this Yellow Pages are a compilation of local, statewide, and national resources that, as citizens living with disabilities, we find helpful in our quest for increased access to full participation in community living. This booklet is also on our web site, along with additional resources and updates on upcoming events and activities.

Lisa Orgettas,                                   

Executive Director

DRC Staff Members

Board of DRC