Lyme, The Invisible Disease

By Maggie Winter

My name is Maggie and I have chronic or persistent Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a spirochete bacteria, think of syphilis, that is passed from vector born insects, ticks, mosquitos, and spiders. Research is also showing that it may be passed sexually and that it can be passed to an unborn fetus from an infected mother. These vector born insects carry all sort of bacteria, parasites, and co infections, so you are getting all sorts of diseases from one bite. Lyme disease is a multi systemic disease affecting every part of your health in multiple ways. It’s extremely debilitating and unpredictable. One day you may be somewhat functional and the next day you are bedridden and suffering. Because you may look normal on the outside, it’s almost impossible for others to understand the pain you are feeling and how sick you really are. I can tell you first hand, we all become amazing actors.

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