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Getting Ready for Winter

Words Be Prepared written amongst clip art of items you will need for a winter emergency

Winter has just begun!

Wowza...It’s cold out there!! With the snow, ice and wind, I hope we don’t lose power!

It is inevitable that at some point we will lose power. Hopefully for only a very short time, but either way here are a few reminders:

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Emergency Preparedness

Below are some tips to help you become more prepared when emergencies occur!


911 Disability Indicator Info

The Massachusetts Disability Indicator Program offers a free, voluntary service that alerts 9-1-1 personnel that an individual with a disability lives in the home and may have unique safety, communications or other needs in case of an emergency. This service was developed in consultation with organizations representing the mobility, hearing, speech and sight impaired communities. This service is available for landline telephone service subscribers only.  It is necessary to request the service through completion of the Disability Indicator Form.

  Go to Request a Disability Indicator Form

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My Journey with Spina Bifida

Photo of woman with light skin and light lavender straight hair with striped dress and Disability Resource Center lanyard around neck

By Abby

I remember walking through the crowds of people trying to get to somewhere safe. It was 1999, and war had just begun in my beautiful homeland of Kosovo. One of my clear memories  is sharing a tent with other families at the refugee camps. I remember seeing hopelessness, desperation and yearning for safety. My family was fortunate to get chosen to leave.

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