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Independent Living Skills Training"

Independent Living Skills Training

Independent Living Skills Development provides guidance for a person with a disability to obtain the essential skills necessary to function in today’s complex society. Topics might include applications for health insurance, SSI, SSDI, SNAP benefits, health maintenance; emergency planning and preparedness; housing search; landlord/tenant relations; financial management; transportation access; civil rights; individual advocacy and Consumer-directed Personal Assistance management tips.

Working with a Disability Rights Specialist, a Consumer will determine his/her own goals for independent living, which will in turn determine the skill areas for training. The Consumer is supported by the Disability Rights Specialist in skill development through actual hands-on experience in a community setting such as a supermarket, bus, train or in a social setting and/or supporting the Consumer to access training from other services such as local colleges or the North Shore Career Center.

This is a free service.

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