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The Most Common Causes of House Fires

 By Marcia Brennan, DRC Staff

With all the terrible fires happening all over the world, I thought maybe it was time to review my own home and correct any carelessness that I have overlooked.


1. I have become distracted when I am cooking on the stove and had to throw out many pans, thank goodness my smoke alarms were working. I need to pay attention when I am cooking.

2. When I was 10 my 12- year old brother thought it was a great idea to dry his clothes on the portable heater…not! An almost house fire will always remind me to keep heaters away from anything that could catch fire.

   3. Smoke outside… 73% of all house fire fatalities started in the bedroom or living room.

  4.  Love, Love Candles… but I never leave them lit if I leave the room.

 5. Checking all my electrical cords. Anything that is frayed goes in the trash. Any appliance that trips a circuit goes in the trash…. I think I will check for other items to be put in the trash or recycled while I am at it.

6. Children can be very curious. Keep matches and lighters away in a safe place, practice an escape plan, teach them, “stop, drop, cover and roll” but more importantly, talk to them! They are listening, even though it seems like they are not.

7. Barbeques are great…outside.  Never ever bring them inside!

8. Keep any flammable liquids away from heat sources.

9. Check that all light bulbs are the adequate voltage for each lamp. Heat can build up very quickly. Also check that your lamp bases are stable and not easily knocked over.

10. Electricians can be expensive, but my family’s lives are worth so much more than having all my wiring checked out.