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Emergency Preparedness

Below are some tips to help you become more prepared when emergencies occur!


911 Disability Indicator Info

The Massachusetts Disability Indicator Program offers a free, voluntary service that alerts 9-1-1 personnel that an individual with a disability lives in the home and may have unique safety, communications or other needs in case of an emergency. This service was developed in consultation with organizations representing the mobility, hearing, speech and sight impaired communities. This service is available for landline telephone service subscribers only.  It is necessary to request the service through completion of the Disability Indicator Form.

  Go to Request a Disability Indicator Form


First Aid Kit Checklist

 There should be a First Aid Kit in your car and your home.

Sterile Gloves/Dressings

Cleansing Agent/Soap

Antibiotic wipes and ointment

Burn ointment

Adhesive bandages



Aspirin/non-aspirin pain reliever





Additional Emergency Supplies for Individuals with Disabilities and Access and Functional Needs

 Extra Eyeglasses and/or hearing aids.

Battery chargers and extra batteries for any battery operated medical or assistive devices.

Extra medicine, oxygen, insulin, catheters, or other medical supplies you or your family member uses regularly.

Medical Insurance cards

Physician contact information

Emergency contact name and numbers.

Supplies for Service Animal

From MEMA Disaster Relief

Public Safety Office, Framingham, MA 508-820-2000

            or contact

Portlight (to assist people with disabilities) 800-626-4959 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Emergency Car Kits


Battery Powered Radio


Cell Phone and Charger


Emergency Flares

Empty Gas Can

Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Jack for Tires

Jumper Cable

Paper Towels


Spare Tire

Toilet Paper

Tool Box

Tow Rope

Windshield Washer Fluid

If you have Children



Paper and Pencils

Extra Blankets

Salem Snow Shoveling

Salem Community Life Center (CLC ) maintains a list of individuals who can shovel snow at a discounted rate for seniors.       Call 978-744-0924 for details.


Emergency Contacts

Beverly – Emergency Management- Director Mark Foster 978-921-6000

Danvers-Emergency -Police Dept. 978-774-1213 x4113

Essex –Emergency Management, Essex County Sheriffs Office 973-621-4111

Gloucester –Emergency Management-Ass. Fire Chief Joe Aiello 978-325-5300

Hamilton –Emergency Management-Fire Chief Russell Stevens 978-468-4421

Ipswich – Emergency Management – Lt. Jonathan Hubbard 978-356-6645

Lynn – Emergency Management – Director Paul Ricchi 781-389-2447

Lynnfield – Emergency Management – 781-334-5152

Manchester-Emergency Management-Fire Chief George Kramlinger 978-526-4040

Marblehead – Emergency Management – Capt. Charles Cerrutti  781-631-1212

Melrose – Emergency Management – Director Ed Collina 781-979-4404

Middleton and Topsfield– Regional Emergency Comm. Center 978-801-4911

Nahant - Emergency Management Dept. – Director Dennis Ball 781-596-7137

North Reading-Emergency Management – Director Theo Kuliopulos 978-664-4536

Peabody – Emergency Management – 978-531-2220

Reading – Emergency Management – 781-944-3132 or Fire Dept. 781-944-3131

Rockport – Emergency Management – 978-546-3445 x20

Rowley-Royal Emergency Management -Director J.Broderick 978-948-3812

Saugus – Emergency Management – Scott Phelan, James Hughes 781-231-4175

Stoneham – Emergency Management – Director Matthew Grafton 871-438-5296

Wakefield – Emergency Management – Director Thomas Walsh 339-219-4614

Wenham- Emergency Management -Fire Chief P. Stevens Director 978-468-5508