Section 4: Documentation Checklist for Housing

It is vital that you keep track of the personal and income verification documents that you will need to share with the housing providers where you have applied for housing. Use this Documentation Checklist for Housing to guide you in collecting and keeping track of this information. 

As you collect this documentation, please be sure to:

1) Check off which information you have obtained;
2) Note the date you obtain the information;
3) Place the originals in an envelope or file folder and keep in a safe place;
4) Make copies to provide to the housing authorities.

________ ___ Copy of Birth Certificate(s) for all household members.

________ ___ Copy of Social Security card(s) for all household members.

________ ___ Verification of Income (See listing below and obtain what applies to you
__ Social Security Benefits – request a letter of benefits from the Social Security Office for each family member receiving benefits; it has to be current (within the last 30 days).
__ Earned Wages – copy of one of the following: W-2 form; Last 8 weeks pay stubs; Last pay stub showing year-to-date figures; or Letter from employer stating gross income including amount withheld for state        and federal taxes.
__ Child Support/Alimony Order.
__ DTA Benefits (TAFDC/EAEDC) – letter from DTA or printout from DTA worker.
__ Pension – proof of monthly or annual amount received.
__ Other (specify)_______________________

________ ___ Verification of Priority for Housing.
__ Homeless living in a shelter – letter from the shelter.
__ At risk of homelessness – letter from current landlord.

__ Involuntarily displaced – includes domestic abuse survivors if housing authority accepts it.

__ Rent-burdened – paying over 50% of income after taxes to rent and utilities (proof required).

________ ___ Verification of Assets – all bank accounts (checking and savings)
__ Copy of most recent bank statement.

__ ________ Verification of Disability – see section in this guide titled Tips on Meeting Requirements for Proving Disability.

ALSO: Housing Authorities will also request at some time during your application review the following information:
· CORI (Criminal Offender Records of Information).
· Credit Report.
· Signed releases (to obtain information on your income including any Social Security Administration benefits).

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